A tax advisor

  • registered in the Chamber of Tax Advisors of the Czech Republic
  • since 2010, registration number: 4468
  • professing the Ethical Code

A certified accountant

  • registered in the Chamber of Certified Accountants
  • since 2007, registration number 200025

Graduated from the University of Economics in Prague

  • the Faculty of Finance and Accounting
  • main specialization: Accounting and Financial Management of Business
  • minor specialization: Teaching economic subjects at secondary schools

Diploma in International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)

  • Institute of Certification of Accountants
  • since 2017, registration number 176
  • an examination, based on the ACCA syllabus

My story

How to become a tax advisor

I first came across the single-entry bookkeeping system and a tax return at the age of fifteen when my father became a freelancer and put me in charge of doing all his administrative work. Although I did not know anything about taxes and accounting at that time, I gathered useful information from a Tax Office officer, gained skills from my accounting teacher at the family secondary school, learnt something myself and got down to it. In the course of time it turned out that I like this kind of work and I felt I need to learn more about accounting and corporate finance. That is why I decided to take my secondary school leaving exam in accounting and mathematics and continue studying at the Faculty of Finance and Accounting at the University of Economics in Prague. In practise I realized that an excellent accountant does not need only professional knowledge of accounting, but he/she has to be able to predict, empathize with others and lead them, and also have deeper knowledge of taxes and law. That is why I got the tax advisor certificate. With a combination of these qualifications I could provide professional advice from different perspectives not only on business cases. I realized that I enjoy working as an advisor. And because I am a sociable person who likes helping others solving their problems, being an advisor became my mission in life.

My practice

Finance report specialist

Kodak Czech s.r.o.

2002 – 2004

Independent accountant and payroll accountant

TMF Czech a.s.

2004 – 2006

Bookkeeping Consultant

PricewaterhouseCoopers Česká Republika s.r.o.

2006 – 2008

Accounting Manager

Hyundai Motor Czech s.r.o.

2009 – 2012

Senior Controlling / Finance Manager

Hyundai Motor Czech s.r.o.

2012 – 2016

Throughout my long-time carrier I worked almost in any position, from a junior accountant and a reporting specialist to a senior manager of corporate finance in several international consulting and sales companies. There I gained a lot of experience and valuable skills. I learnt about reporting based on both Czech rules and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), consulting, complex accounting, payroll and taxes management from both the provider’s and the client’s point of view. I engaged in training and leading the accountants, payroll accountants and controlling specialists. I acted on behalf of clients and employers when dealing with tax offices, health insurance companies, social security administration, Customs Office, auditors and tax advisors. I have a practical experience with keeping the books of newly established accounting units (of both production and sales companies), but also accounting units which decided to close down, with cross-border VAT, international taxation of natural persons, accounting reconstruction and freelancers tax records.

I dealt with identifying the causes of inefficient functioning of accounting and controlling departments, following changes in human resources and creating new job vacancies. I had an opportunity to participate in the implementation of the Elanor payroll program and the revision of the SAP accounting program setting (FI) from the accounting and tax perspective (corporate income tax, VAT, recapitulative and control statements, Intrastat, long-term assets, consolidation of accounting data with international organisation entity data). I was responsible for complex reporting for an international headquarter according to IFRS and for internal reporting. I was preparing budgets and forecasts of economic results and funds for the Czech Republic and Slovakia and for both states together. I participated in financial audits of a network of dealers and also in a project focused on setting the monitoring of financial health of the network of dealers (Business Management Intelligence).

I’ve created a reporting system the outputs of which were assessed as the best in Europe.

I’ve created an automatic calculation of accrued revenues on car discounts and bonuses. This calculation was assessed by an internal auditor as unique within the whole Europe. A parent company with the registered office in the Republic of Korea decided to implement this calculation in all branches in the world.

I’ve invented a tool for online monitoring of spare parts turnover and margin on a daily basis to be subsequently implemented into an accounting system.

My skills

Accounting software

Payroll software


My hobbies

I am an energetic person, I like music and dance. Most often I spend my free time on the dance floor. I and my dance partner Jakub Necpál, who is a holder of the highest M (Master) dance class in standard and Latin-American dances and a dance teacher, compete in dancing under the Czech Dance Sport Federation. We represent HES School of Dance. Currently we get support from the City District Prague 17 Řepy.

Apart from dancing I do other activities such as running, aerobic, Pilates, hiking, travelling, reading, but also relaxing in the outdoors or in my beloved cottage in Blatná in the south of the Czech Republic where I come from.